5 habits that will help improve sleep quality

5 habits that will help improve sleep quality

Many people have trouble falling asleep. The reasons can be many, from medication, hormonal changes, stress or daily worries. But both our daily habits and our diet are a relevant factor for a good night’s sleep.

What is insomnia?

The insomnia is abnormal lack of sleep and difficulty reconciling that suffers at the time corresponding to sleep. But when is it due to sleep? In principle, human beings are designed so that with the arrival of night, our hormonal system begins a series of processes that should lead us to a situation of tranquility that allows us to sleep.

But there are situations in which we must sleep not when biologically it is our turn (at night) but when we can, as is the case with people who work nights or shifts. It is in these cases that habits are even more important.

5 healthy habits to avoid insomnia

  1. Try to go to sleep always at the same time . This will cause your body to properly interpret the signals to begin the pre-sleep processes.
  2. Avoid stressful situations or situations that activate your senses . It depends a lot on each person but, in general, turn off the television screens, computers, phones, tablets … two hours before going to bed if you have trouble falling asleep.
  3. No arguments or situations that upset you before going to bed . So if your child or a family member upsets you, make sure it is in the morning!
  4. Get physical exercise . Physical fatigue will help you to enter a sleep situation more easily and it will be deeper and more restful. But do not put you to do sports the hours before sleeping because they can cause the opposite effect. You can practice your favorite sport from first thing in the morning until before dinner time (or even earlier if you feel upset).
  5. Take care of your diet . As we discussed in this other article, diet is related to the quality of sleep . Reduce or completely eliminate excitators such as caffeine or theine. Avoid large meals and those foods that can cause you flatulence. Some people have a hard time digesting lettuce at night, others have digestion problems with fats, so a low-fat diet may be a good option. There is also evidence that insufficient rest will prevent you from losing weight . If you have doubts, you can go to a dietitian-nutritionist to make you a personalized diet.

What you must not do

Forget about self-medicating and taking sleeping pills. You must attack the origin of your insomnia and not the consequences of it because you can get into a loop: you do not have healthy habits, it is difficult for you to sleep, you self-medicate and start over. In addition to being able to generate an addiction problem, you can create gastrointestinal problems.

Taking a relaxing infusion can be an option for those days when you are more upset: passionflower, linden, valerian or melissa are herbs with relaxing properties. And remember that they are only for occasional consumption: you must go to the source of the problem and not try to reduce its symptoms.


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